BLI Services

We work with leading businesses and organizations to create and deliver essential advantage by building capabilities. Our training services help our clients lead transformational change, create new organizational models, capture value from their customer, increase the effectiveness of their supply chains and assets, and integrate security into their strategy to ensure the flexibility of their business.

The wide variety of services we present developed clients trust. Our clients expect exceptional results from us, and we succeed by being integral to their success

Coaching / Executive Coaching

Our Company provides Director Coaching and Manager Coaching to enable our executive coaching clients to find solutions and remove any barriers which prevent them performing at their full potential. BLI Coaching consultancy provides premier support for Board level to Middle Management staff. The Executive Coaches are all highly experienced Senior Managers and / or Business Psychologists.


We recognize that everyone has different training and development needs and a wide variety of options are available to all staff. Employees are responsible for pursuing their own professional development, with assistance from their Line Managers, Mentors and the Training Team who help to identify appropriate career routes and action plans.


Contact BLI consulting associates, a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to a client centered value system. In fact, the BLI values are used as the most important criteria for accepting partners into the firm. These values underlie all our actions and decisions, and are the hallmark of all BLI business relationships


BLI has worked with many professional presenters and speakers for both day time conferences and evening after dinner speeches. Over the last 20 year we have become well versed in how to design a seamless and professional program for conference, after dinner or simple even

Round table Discussion

Facilitating a talent meeting requires a complex skill set – the facilitator must demonstrate the competencies to lead a meeting with your senior leadership teams, to ask challenging questions, to record discussions accurately, and to make appropriate development recommendations.

Conference planning & design

BLI believes in getting under the skin of an event to be better qualified to help you achieve your objectives. Once we fully understand your core corporate message, the key aims and who the audience is, we will help with the planning, design and delivery of live event within the right environment. The planning and design stage of an event is the key to ultimate success and our people will work closely with you, providing their knowledge and attention to detail on any or all aspects of corporate event management