One element of conferences and live events that is often overlooked is the importance of having the right speakers with the right skills as well as the value of facilitation.

Having found the perfect venue, brought in the best audio visual support available and invited your audience, it is vital to ensure that the actual content of the event is relevant, well presented and, most importantly, that it achieves your aims.

BLI has worked with many professional presenters and speakers for both day time conferences and evening after dinner speeches.  Over the last 20 year we have become well versed in how to design a seamless and professional program for conference, after dinner or simple event entertainment.  We will support you in:

  • Recommending, booking and liaising with speakers relevant to the event
  • Engaging a professional facilitator to link the day together
  • Providing speaker training for internal staff to boost confidence
  • Liaising with your chosen speakers to ease their attendance
  • Managing the speaker’s requirements before and during the event