The purpose of this program is to improve product quality and reduce production cost by applying statistical process control techniques.

The training program is an introduction to SPC implementation and focus on the basics. This course describes the following elements of SPC implementation:        

  • Identify the opportunity for process improvement
  • Perform measurement repeatability and reproducibility study
  • Perform process capability study
  • Create a process control and monitoring system

Workshop Outlines

Module One – Introduction

Product Quality Evolution
Historical Background
Concept of Product And Process Control
Benefits Of SPC

Module Two – Nature of Variation

Concept Of Variation
Cause And Sources Of Variation
Key Point On Nature Of Variation
Deming’s View Of System
Four States Of A Process

Module Three – Deriving Information From Data
Fundamental Statistics

  • Definitions
  • Concept & Type of Data
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Histograms
  • Normal Distribution
  • Area Under Normal Curve
  • Empirical Rules

Module Four – Process Capability

Purpose & Definitions

Module Five – Process Control For Variable Data

  • Stable Process vs Capable Process
  • Variable Data Definition
  • X-bar R Chart
  • X-bar S Chart
  • MR Chart

Module Six – Process Control For Attribute

  • Definition Of Attribute Data
  • .p and np Chart
  • .u And c Chart

Module Seven – SPC Implementation Process

  • Wrap-Up & Discussion